Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's Coming

So I was talking to my advisor after class today and she was looking over my classes that I had taken and are yet to take. She noticed that I was very, very close to being done and so she told me that graduation would be right around the corner. She told me that sometime next week I need to go back into her office and file for graduation. Now most of you are probably thinking "Wow Jaron! That's great! Especially considering we were never expecting you to get out of high school! Congrats!" Well while I am thankful for all of the congratulations that I hope will be coming my way it suddenly hit me that I am about to be out of here. I mean don't get me wrong. Everytime someone asks what I've been up to I say "oh you know...just school...trying to get out of this dang place." While that is true I have been so accustomed to going to school and being a bum that I have no idea how I am gonna survive making my own income and supporting myself. So when she told me that I need to file for graduation my stomach kind of turned over and made me realize that I am about to get out into the real world. And that sucks....Hopefully you guys will be there for support as I try to finish out this semester and then my last semester before I am done with this place. Dueces!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just A Few Quick Points

So since I have nothing of real interest to blog about I figured I would just give a few quick points of things that have been going on or things that I have been thinking about.

  • School is going pretty well this semester. Sometimes forget about my online class but I remember soon enough. Made a 78 on my first accounting test and after the first round of tests in all my classes I am not forced to drop one yet so that is always a good sign.
  • Been REALLY enjoying the newest season of Scrubs. It picked up right where it left off and is still as funny as ever. In fact several of my favorite shows are back on including Heroes, My Name is Earl, The Office, and Entourage. Check them out if you have a chance. Additionally I watched an episode of Hell's Kitchen today with my roommate and I have to say that it is pretty cool.
  • On Saturday I get to coach two basketball games which is gonna be cool. They are workin hard and trying to get better so its pretty cool to watch and be a part of. 
  • Also on Saturday as soon as my game is over a bunch of us are loading up and in the Explorer and heading to Austin to hang out with my brother for the night. I haven't seen my brother in a long while so I am pretty pumped about hanging out with him again.
  • Last weekend I drove to Kyle, picked up Nic and then drove to Bridge City to help him paint. As soon as we got done we headed back and got a night of sleep. We then got up the next morning and started to clean out his hot tub in his backyard that we found out eventually did not work. However even though I did more physical labor than I had ever hoped for I had an AWESOME weekend. It was great to get away from the college atmosphere and just hang with one of my best friends in the world. Thanks Nic and Jo for letting me stay and I am still missin you guys.
  • Finally, I have been thinking long and hard about studying abroad next fall. I will be a college student with one semester left and absolutely nowhere to live so the only logical idea is to leave the country and study elsewhere. Hopefully I can find a program that will still satisfy the needs of my degree plan and is also affordable. So if you guys are lookin for something to add to your prayer list then feel free to pray about that.

Well thats about all I got for this time. Dueces!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Ads

So as a Marketing major most of my teachers told me to watch the Superbowl commercials and see which ones I thought were successful. Other than the 3D commercials, which I have come to realize only the superbowl party that I was at actually had the 3D glasses, there were only a couple that caught my eye. So if you were lucky enough to have the 3D glasses and enjoy the full experience then here are the commercials that stood out....

I thought this next commercial was especially interesting. In order to catch the mind of consumers Miller High Life took out a lot of 1 second ads...I though it was a very interesting looking at it from a marketing point of view....

Monday, January 19, 2009

Spring Semester 09

So last week was the first week of the spring semester here at Tarleton State University. I pretty much live in the business building now which is fine with me. I really like all of the classes over there even though they are gonna start getting a lot harder. My days are starting to remind me of high school though because I keep having classes with the exact same people and so I know everyone in all of my classes. I'm not complaining because all of them are really cool...I just find it a little odd. Anyways hopefully I can make it through this semester with a LOT better GPA than last semester. Especially since they are probably gonna kick me out if I don't. But I am going to try and make a commitment right now to make better grades. Also I am gonna try and enjoy this semester with my friends so I don't know how either one of those are gonna turn out but hopefully I will learn to balance them pretty well. Well anyways I was just gonna give you guys a heads up on whats goin on over here. Sorry for the short, boring blog but its all I got. Dueces!

P.S. I believe that Tarleton State University has gotten through another MLK day without getting any of the frats disbanded or anyone kicked be sure to give us props for that! Dueces!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Life Lately (continued)

So I took a day off of my continuous blog to talk about my birthday trip because I was so freakin excited about it. But now it is back to the grind of letting everyone know whats been going on lately and yes I plan on continuing my numbering system so here we go....

7) I plan on spending money that I don't have. I know...this sounds irresponsible and some of you may want to tell me how stupid this is but there is something you should know....I couldn't really care less what you think. You only get to be in college once and so I completely plan on having some fun while I am here. 

8) I fully intend on not caring about getting into a relationship. It's not worth having some woman to have to take care of as my girlfriend right now while I am trying to enjoy my last year in college with all my friends. My roommate and best friend Epi is about to start his last semester here and that means this is our last chance to hang out with no real responsibilities. Now I'm not sayin that I won't go on a date with a lil' mama (I actually have a date on Saturday...HELLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!) but I don't inted on making it a real relationship....they sucked in the past so I am gonna take some time off and find out what I really want in a woman.

9) I'm gonna take some time to realize what I really want in life and then strive after it. I have started to realize lately that if you really want something bad enough then you will want eventually get it. Also I am gonna start working a lot harder to get the things that I want in life because nothing in this life worth having comes easy.

10) I am gonna try my best to stop getting so angry so often...thus far into the year 2009 it is not being succesful...I am supremely pissed off as I type this blog but it will be alright.

There are a lot more things going on in my life and I am having a great time thus far in 2009 but I just wanted to list a couple of things that are goin on. I hope that you guys are enjoying the new year and I am wishing a good one for most of you....if I am not wishing you a good one then you know who you are and you will get over it. Dueces!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Birthday Trip

Alright so I know that I talked yesterday about my life and how I was gonna keep on listing things that had been going on but I thought about this last night as I went to bed and decided to share it today. Above I have posted a picture of the flyer from last years Roger Creager's Party South of the Border. I think that Roger Creager is one of the best Texas Country singers ever and he proves it even more so with his brand new CD "Here It Is". Now the flyer above says that the dates are June 8th through the 12th. As everyone reading this blog knows, my birthday is on the 17th. However i called to find out the details for this years trip and it will be going on from the 14th  to the 18th. I think this would be the best birthday present ever. You get to visit Playa Del Carmen, Mexico and stay at the beautiful Sandos Caracol Beach Spa and Resort where during the day you can do anything from swim in the pool or play golf with Roger Creager. Then at night you of course get the Creager Concert two nights and then one night the special guest puts on a concert (last year it was Cory Morrow).  So what my plan is is to just get a whole group of my friends together and go down there for four days this summer to celebrate not only my birthday but also our last hurrah in college as most of us will be graduating very soon afterward. Anyways I hope that you guys check out Creager's new CD and give some serious thought to joining me in Mexico. Everyone needs a vacations so you might as well head out. Oh and here's to hoping that Mom finances most of this know what im sayin? Dueces!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Life Lately

So I was talking to JMob earlier on Facebook's GREATEST addition ever...Facebook Chat...and we decided that there was not a whole lot to blog about lately. Especially since the Christmas break is here and my days consist of eating, sleeping, TV, and XBox. So I am going to go ahead a list a couple of things that I have started doing here recently.

1) I have recently rediscovered my love for Texas Country music. Not only am I listening to the big names and all the popular songs that have been coming out but I have really started to pay attention to the entire texas country music scene. You should try it out too cuz its pretty incredible.

2) I've been hanging out with a couple of my old friends here lately especially since most of my new friends are gone. Me and Garrett have especially been checkin out the bar scene. Last night we headed out to Bluffdale to go to the Greenwood Bar and then drove about 45 minutes to Mingus, Tx to check out the Boar's Nest. Mingus is a pretty dangerous place but we met a lot of cool people and I got to hear Garrett sing Piano Man on the karaoke machine.

3) I have started rewatching all the seasons of Scrubs again. The 8th season is starting on Tuesday and I am freakin pumped about it. So to brush up on everything I have started watching all of the previous ones again. It is an incredible show and I am excited about it coming back on.

4) I have started thinking about life a whole lot. About what I'm gonna do after college, if I will ever graduate college, how I'm gonna make a living with this crappy economy, and what the crap is my problem with commitment. I have been pondering a lot of these things and am yet to figure out one of them.

5) I have begun the very, very slow transition from the NFL season to the NBA season. I do like to watch basketball but it is nowhere as fun as watching football. However since the Cowboys sucked it up in December yet again I am now forced to turn my attention to the Mavericks. Go Dirk!

6) I have been looking for a new job even though I am dreading getting a real job. I am very excited to start coaching my youth basketball team and I have my first practice tomorrow night. Hopefully we will be able to pull out a couple more wins then we did during our football season.

I have a longer list but I am really in the mood to play XBox right now and I have to leave something to blog about tomorrow. Now I know that 6 is a strange number to stop on but who cares....i'm starting a trend. Dueces!